The Eternal Pessimist Syndrome !

This is one of my favourite topics that I would happily debate even in my dreams with a fervour unmatched by SRK, when he’s promoting his movies. 😉

Being a traveller of the world ( or wanna be 😛 ) , I find pessimists in all walks and stratas of society. From the old retired nostalgic midwife, prophesying a hard and fatal breech delivery, to the nations’ top elite B school graduate, who isn’t happy with his pay package in comparison to a peer, I’ve seen these people over and over again. I fail to understand this attitude and have often bit my tongue wanting to ask them one single thing – Can’t you for the love of Rajinikanth, be effin’ positive??

Speaking of Rajinikanth, imagine him negative and pessimistic, when the villainous alter ego clones took over the world and his girl in ‘Endhiran‘. Would you guys have whistled and shaken your lungis ,if he had committed suicide instead of launching the trademark Rajini vengeance plot? Or for that scenario, if harry potter had drunk himself to death at The Hog’s Head pub, after he lost his near and dear over various periods, would he have reclaimed life for both the wizarding and muggle community from Lord Voldemort finally? And don’t you dare tell me it’s just a piece of fiction. I have known and seen people who have grew up on harry potter and have had their entire personality warped and formed by The Harry Potter franchisee! Why on earth, then can’t people wrap their heads around the age old fact, that for every down there will be an up ? Unless you are on LSD or cocaine. That shit’s a blackhole! 😛

Now don’t twist my view that being pessimist is a product of pressure and tension. Being in event management, believe me, no pressure is greater than having your phone going off, your boss yelling in your left ear, your team mates demanding clarity in your right, all when your whatsapp and bbm is exploding on your second phone with an ala carte choice of explicits ,courtesy of your clients. Period.

A  very frank question -What do you stand to lose thinking positive? Is it the worst case scenario which would happen with your situation, which already can’t be helped? Talking to a few B School friends of mine, there were a few who felt that, they were stagnating and not paid properly. This, when they are part of an international FMCG company, with an annual turn over of 10+ billion, and their pay packages exceeding the GDP per capita of India, 5 times over !! This is usually a moment when i facepalm, hopelessly. :-/

I hope from this blog, I’ve given you atleast a small avenue for thought, and  get the maximum number of pessimist comments, simply because, I can’t wait to read your attempt of explaining your reasons for negativity. 🙂 After all, as the great Charlie Chaplin said,

“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.”