What’s in a name ? Everything !!!


There have been times when I have felt really awesome and cool-ish about my name ‘Ivin’.  Well it’s a name that doesn’t reveal for a reason my heritage , as some other names do quite obnoxiously. Not that I’ve any problem with being a kasavu mundu clad, Ernakulam bred Malayali achayan 😉 . I pride on being from such a unique and one of a kind place like my native. But having said that I wont say, I share the same enthusiasm for some of the names that come with the region. And the deal clincher? When my mom said one day, that she and dad were planning once to name me ‘Babu’. Imagine my hipster friend calling me

“Yo bro, Babuuuuu, Ssup ?!” 8-O

We malayalis have surely a unique taste in naming our kins and offsprings. We give them totally , outdated and outrageous names in the name of nostalgia, sentiments or the main culprit, long dead great grandparents! And they , thanks to globalization and tons of new age makeup products, all look atleast like danny devito or adam sandler (in his college days) 😉 Seriously , one of my friend has abused his great grandpa Mr. Sankunni, a million times both in school and college and now in work place. Especially when he works in US of A and his colleagues call him and ask, ” Mr. Shaan Kooni, where the hell is the file?!” 😛 Well atleast , bro, with all love, I bet you haven’t had worse than one of my work mates, ‘Bahuleyan Krishnan’ , when he gets called Mr. Boolean Krishna !

Dont get me wrong as being presumptious of this phenomenon only being there in our god’s own country. Almost every single place on this earth is filled with weird sounding names, courtesy our narrow brain grey matters. Like I said on my last post, almost all arabs are a laugh riot when it comes to names. (Kindly refer the post if you want to know what I mean 😉 ). But the most outrageous are available on the net and here are few of them.. ( Get ready for massive facepalms !! )

Yea ! Keep hoping !
Really? Good you dint campaign against BurgerKing! 😛
Oh yea.. Been sharing a bit of that luuuvvv yeahh?? Naughty boy 😉
Yea.. You would need some really tough ones! :-O
Do you really need to advertise that?!

These are as i said seriously , facepalm ones. It’s at these moments you thank your stars, that whatever constellations aligned to have your parents think up of your name, turned out a bit right than of those people. 😉 Nowadays it’s painfully obvious not much people are confident of their names . I say this because , one guy I recently met in a metro, when we got chatting , told his name hesitating and really drawing it out. I was like “what happened, did I ask something wrong? “. He finally said his name … Babykuttan Francis ! ( For those of you non malayalis – it literally translates to ‘baby child francis’ rolleyes  ). I immediately understood why he felt bad . One look at him , and you could say it seriously dint match a bit his wavy hair, cool shades, styled beard and athletic build ! Come on.. I openly feel that his parents weren’t really thinking clearly when they named him. Sigh.. As someone said, too much of sentiments and affection is also harmful – in a twisted embarassing way especially when it comes about your own name!

You know what seriously scares me though? The fact that one of my friend recently told me that his brothers name is Sasidharan. In respect to this post, I started imagining if my name was the ‘-dharan’ part removed? I know it’s not and wont be.. But just imagine… Just imagine if my name was …… SASI !!

That same friend , from above the post, would be like

” Yo bro, Sasiiii, ssup!! ??? 8-O

P.S : FYI, in recent new generation times of Malayali lifestyle, Sasi kinda translates to ” Screwed up Simpleton” .