I Blog About


          1. THE WORLD

Mainly because I feel we are an obnoxious and weird bunch of people inhabiting the allegedly only life-supporting planet in the universe. That itself shows how naive and narrow-minded the human mind is and I love to analyze the humor that’s etched as such

        2.  THE HUMANS

This is much funnier. We claim NOT to be fanatics, bigots, liars, murderers, back stabbers, hypocrites, racists and what not while in general sweet talk with the world. But all in all, this is one huge sham. Every homo-sapien has these flaws ingrained deep in their genes. And I believe it’s no big deal to make a fuss about. It all comes down to a very simple concept i.e. The consciousness to differentiate right and wrong . And I’m right! 😀


There would be no other bond presiding overgrown apes, in connection with each other if not for the various social relationships that form over the timeline, on all levels, from family to society. This is a very humorous department filled with mishaps and funny stuff, that I can go on ranting forever.

        4. THE ARTS

And when I mean arts, it includes every known skill known to man under the sun, since the stone age. Because every discipline was once an art form which refined, accumulated and grew over the years. I love particularly movies, music, gaming, football, books, driving, surfing. And yes, the art of internet surfing is a huge rage! Ask anyone next to you 😛

So yes, these are the broad categories on which I am gonna rant and holler.

Why you ask me? Freewill of speech brother! 😉


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