The man that was Robin Williams

As is with every tragedy that comes along, there was the initial uproar and mass FB wall postings, condolence tweets and so much more as the wave of Robin Williams’ death passed through continent to continent. As is again with any such incident, the world in all its decrepit life and its happenings, have forgotten or just moved on from it. However, I didn’t. And neither will I ever. Let me choose this moment to again remember the man who taught me about the humour quotient, the one thing that makes you connect with any random stranger and makes them the best of friends. 

The first movie I watched of Robin Williams was ‘Flubber’. I still can’t believe almost 18 years has passed since the movie released. Never had an actor enthralled me with a comedic streak, before him and hence, he struck a chord in the budding movieholic heart of mine. Along the years, I started watching every single movie that had in its cast, Robin Williams. I remember to this date, the moment when I watched ” Good morning Vietnam’ when he uttered the life-changing dialogue that phenomenally altered my life path

Robert Crauner (Robin’s Character) – Sometimes you got to specifically go out of your way to get into trouble. It’s called fun.

That was the day (long before Mrs. J.K Rowling and Harry Potter) that I decided, that I would be solemnly up to no good (at least to the point my dad didn’t skin my hide) and in any point of my life never give up the child in me. And I have kept it until this moment, enjoying and valuing every single moment life has offered me. However like his suicide indicated, no man, not even a man who tears the muscles in your tummy with laughter, is free from the harsh reality of life too. All we can do is keep pushing on, and on until one fine day, your negativities have had enough of opposing you and just vanish.

The nuanced acting of Robin Williams is a benchmark, that no other actor in any pan world film industry can duplicate nor even come close to. Such was the soul he inserted into any character he donned. This small post is my tribute to the one man who made me laugh.. who made me cry.. who made me think.. and above all, gifted a way of life to me.

May your soul rest in peace Robin. Coz’ there ain’t’ no man like you ever, nor will there be.

The man that was Robin Williams.