And finally the “Liebster Award” ..

The Liebster Award. Eventually a small recognition for the writer in me. For the words that wanted to be heard. For the hearts it touched .

I can only thank my followers and my dearest mate Sayu and my blogger mate Karthu, for nominating me for the same. You girls are absolute sweet hearts and I share this happiness with you.

So here are the rules of this acceptance .

  • Once nominated answer the ten questions asked by the blogger.
  • Nominate ten other bloggers.
  • Ask them ten questions of your own.
  • Notify them about the award
  • Link and thank the person who nominated you

Now since I was nominated by two friends few days apart , I am taking the liberty of answering 5 questions each from both of them . (I should be nominated for some kind of Chanakya award for the ingenuity 😉 ) So here goes my answers..

  1. What was the thought behind the name of your blog? (Saya)

Since my school days , I’ve been fascinated and intrigued by the world around me. Countries, cultures, technology everything converged in my vision all being different facets of the human race. And since my view of the world is diverse, I thought it apt to name my ramblings “Hitchhiker of the World”.

2. Where would you like to travel the most? Inside India or outside India? (Karthu)

One word , World. and that of course would include the wonderful place that is India. But I also know that there are even more breathtaking and surreal locales, scenaries and subjects all over the world and hence wouldnt confine my travel to any zones or latitudes .

3. What was your main motive behind joining blogosphere? (Saya)

I wanted an outlet to vent my feelings, frustrations and thoughts on various things that has happened or are happening to me in my life. And thanks to my sweetest mentor Shail , who so patiently walked me through setting up this blog and the oh-so-hard-nitty-gritty stuff in the beginning, even though she is one of the busiest supermom/ blogger/ birdwatcher/ photographer/ feminist/ traveller all rolled into one , and deserves a hug for guiding me through. 🙂

4. Which is your worst travel experience? (Karthu)

While I was studying in Chennai, I had come down to Kerala for my cousin’s marriage and was taking the Chennai-Patna express back , since there was no tickets in other straight destination trains. I remember to this day the stench of the train  that my one hell of a cousin ( may god heal his hands, after they are broken !!) had booked for me. I kept retching and throwing up in my mouth every ten minutes for the entire twelve-hour journey, and still remember the eyes of the trademark red shirt covered coolie at Chennai as I staggered and fell onto the platform with my bloodshot eyes and breathing in the polluted , stinky dry air of Chennai, which suddenly felt the most oxygen rich environment ever.

I just shivered .

5. What are your hobbies? (Saya)

I am a bookaholic and have started my own library at home. And I am a huge godzilla like movie fan and my movie collections in around 7 languages , currently stand at 3TB. I love music in diverse genres and simply get lost in thoughts hearing them any time of the day. ( Currently playing Hugo- Hurt makes it beautiful).

Lesser, but not at all least, I love driving, gaming, web surfing, blogging, and connecting with different people from diverse backgrounds.

6. How would you like to travel? Plane, Car or train?(Karthu)

Car. I love driving and would like the wind in my ears and my speakers thumping with loud music as I explore the world. Not that I don’t like plane or train neither. However been a fan of road trips and anything related since young and hence car as my favourite.

7. Describe a moment which brought unexpected tears of either happiness, sadness, gratitude etc. (Saya)

When I was in a really desperate need of money for some personal reasons and a person(whose name I shall not mention), credited money to my account not once , but throughout my desolation. I cried with happiness , sadness and gratitude all at once.

8. Where would you like to go next? (Karthu)

I want to visit Europe. The land of the castles, prairies and magical locales that have held my breath again and again till now. And including my dream destination of Switzerland.

9. Describe one moment in which you felt you have achieved something in life. (Saya)

It hasn’t come yet. However the fruition to my dream is just around the corner, godwilling and will keep you posted 🙂

10. Have you ever traveled alone? What was that like?(Karthu)

I’ve travelled alone quite few times and find it a bit of both introspective and boring. I like the solace the moment offers, however since I am too much of a gregarious person, I inevitably enchant the person next to me into conversation , one way or the other 😀

And those were my answers. Hope I whetted your appetite of curiosity. Here are my nominees for the award.

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Congrats to the nominees and here follows my questions.

  1. Are you even a bit racist, in your thoughts if not in actions?
  2. Have you ever envisioned yourself as the opposite sex? If so, why?
  3. Do you think there is another earth in this universe?
  4. What would you do for the person you love the most , if he/she had just 1 more hour to live?
  5. Do you truly have a person to call your best friend? One who you could call even after killing someone , for help in hiding the body? If yes, how did you guys meet and what made you best friends?
  6. If you could have either money, fame or power, which would you choose and why?
  7. What makes you feel as a human being? ( The feeling or sense or thoughts)
  8. Do you love kids? Or not?
  9. Have you cheated/hurt anyone in your life with or without intention?
  10. Would you say you are a liberated soul?

Thats it folks. Cheerios. And happy blogging my mates!