(Retro Vs. Modern) LOVE !

pic courtesy - http://www.bubblews.com/news/89814-true-love-vs-fake-love
pic courtesy – http://www.bubblews.com/news/89814-true-love-vs-fake-love

How many of you out there have ever wanted your love to be perfect? How many of you have loved and lost? And let me ask you the very crucial question… How many of you wanted that one person in life who you thought was the most divine person ever, and would have done anything to be with that one individual? I’m betting that there are going to be quite a few of us, who has encountered such a moment in life. And yes, that includes me.. But I’m of the opinion the quantitative and qualitative analysis of love back in the times( sigh! I sound like an old bugger already) ,and that of in the new generation era, is of massive difference. And certainly not for the better. Let me explain…

I have always been a loveaholic. Oh yea.. I just made that word up! 😉 But yes, it’s the fact. I’ve for a very long time wanted a really perfect love life, that one perfect girl, the perfect family union of the both of us, the perfect home for us, the perfect kids and what not ; in short everything that came PERFECT!. But then something called reality , cratered in my head. I had my first heart-break in what you guys would call a puppy love or infatuation in school days. The funniest thing is , I never even thought it could mean so much to me, when at that period of modern era, there was no Facebook, no twitter, no YouTube, no mobile (Yes kids, there used to be a time when there was no Nokia and Samsung :P) and hardly Google, to let you know or understand what is love and how to go about it. It was just what you could call the most pure form of unadulterated feelings a guy could have for a girl. But now I certainly despise generally any such new age school love’isms or the need to have the ‘chick’ in town to hang by your side and frame it under the oh-so-chweet name of love.

Also I remember when back in school, the most fun thing when in love was to be made intentional fun of by your friends in front of your muse, purposely shying away, but happily noticing that pink blush on her cheeks. (Unfortunately I can’t tell for myself, as my ‘muse’ , ran faster than Usain Bolt, sprinting into the horizon and beyond!). Also when in class, the famous mixed seating was encouraged back then by the teachers, in hopes of  mentally shying the truants of the class (they thought!). We used to pray that every single time there was a shuffling, we end up back with our ‘dreammakers’. (Again yes , we dint’ have no idea of a  Sunny Leone or Pamela Anderson back then. Our dreams were made entirely by our love muses! At least mine :P). And those guys whose wish succeeded, would so inconspicuously take his bag, act so damn bored, turn and give a fleeting glance to his gang, smirk loud in his mind, holler to the world YES!! and walk so slowly over to his new place by her side, giving the notion he is so unhappy with all this!! Look at the range of emotions that we went through for something so simple as sitting beside someone we loved.

Alas today, I feel that the raw innocence and that  bliss sensation of love is no more. I can personally attest to this, as I myself have seen with many cousins and brother’s of dear friends, who all have admitted, that love for them is just a matter of intimacy and sex! WTH.. It will definitely sound clichéd, but nonetheless, we have noone to blame but the advances in technology and the rampant accessibility of the same, in all shapes and sizes! I’ve always been a gadget junkie, but I can’t simple justify the lowering of morales as a necessary side catch. In no way, is this to claim that am the all perfect gentleman , taking a moral policing cane and ripping the younger generation, as a means of self-pity and jealousy.  I am the last person who would claim that , with all my idiosyncrasies and gender related cravings from things ranging from gadgets to personal fancies. But there comes a time when one does stop and think, that maybe, just maybe… there is so much to loss.. Was he predicting, when one of the most fantastic scientists and humans the world has ever given birth to, said..

“Albert Einstein – It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

I vote true.


8 thoughts on “(Retro Vs. Modern) LOVE !

  1. I do sense the loss of intimacy and the delicate dance of fleeting glances, careless touches and passing smiles being replaced with technical jargon and quick responses, but I do not think technology has fundamentally changed our way of thinking or courtships. I think that it has, instead, made it possible to preoccupy our lives with one rather superficial part of our emotional spectrum. I mean, before the ‘age of impatience’ began, a kind word or the next step in anything meant arduous waits of days and weeks – a sweet prelude to something exciting which made us appreciate that which was rare. Now, a three minute delay in responding to a hastily written message would make us cringe. I think, therefore, that gizmos and gadgets have brought forth something thoughtless in us, is all. The other stuff is still there, buried within layers of conformity to ‘standardized romance’, laying dormant for perhaps the opportune moment or the right person to set it free. Alas, I fear I have wandered from observation to sickening optimism (wink, wink)…

  2. I do agree completely with your crisp yet precise observation. Yet we cant deny that the uncouth part of the youths do not appreciate that brighter side of tech. Rather we see an appalling rise of mms scandals, jilted lovers clips and whatnot, and that too, everything said and done in the name of ‘love’. But I wouldn’t be hopeless at all, as long as people with a little of humanity exists. One day, maybe… true love will truimph. One day, people will get fed up with all these crass behaviour and turn over a new life. Let’s both fist bump and wait for that day 😉

  3. For d first tym not completely in sink wit your idea “true love” doesn’t exist anymore. These are not d definitions dat everyone uses but at least we know how we define dem. If u look around still ter are ppl who’d give up most (maybe everything) for love of ter lfy. Love does not delight in evil bt rejoices wit d truth… I think true love still exist, no matter how artificial dis generation try to mke it bt not everyone is lucky enough to find it or deserve to be loved. If one want true love, be true to yourself and to others. This means no deception, no lies, n no pretension or hypocrisy. Be ready to risk rejection jst for being who u are. Be ready to sacrifice ur vry lfy to protect d one u love. This is how I see “love” n bet gr8 minds think alike 😉 nevertheless a gr8 read!

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